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Life is too short to live with discomfort or distress caused by orofacial myofunctional disorders. Take your first step towards a healthier life with us today. Whether you’re curious to learn more or ready to book an evaluation, we are excited to welcome you into our family.

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Is Your Smile—or Your Child's—Telling a Story?

Uncover if Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is the Right Path for You or Your Loved One

Mouth Breathing

Persistent mouth breathing can lead to structural changes in the face and smile, which Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) can help correct.

Tongue Positioning

Visible tongue between teeth during speech or rest suggests a tongue thrust issue, which OMT can correct to improve speech, swallowing, and smile aesthetics.

Crowded/Misaligned Teeth

Facial asymmetry in the smile might hint at muscle imbalances that OMT can address, leading to a more balanced, symmetrical smile.

Teeth Grinding

Do you or your child struggle with teeth grinding? It's important to address this issue to prevent dental damage and discomfort. OMT can help you conquer teeth grinding and safeguard your smile.

From surviving to thriving, we're with you on this journey.

Our patient’s lifelong health is our ultimate goal. Our Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) could be the key to unlocking your or a loved one’s healthiest self, focusing on four vital elements: nasal breathing, tongue posture, swallowing pattern, and lip seal. By mastering these skills, you’ll be taking the first steps toward remarkable health benefits that could dramatically enhance both present and future life. Embrace the journey toward a healthier life with Charlotte Myo.


Nasal Breathing:

Establishing healthy breathing habits early with our OMT program can lead to lifelong benefits, like better sleep, more energy, and improved concentration, setting the foundation for an active, alert, and productive life.


Correct Swallowing Pattern:

Early intervention to establish a correct swallowing pattern can prevent future dental issues, leading to better oral health and fewer orthodontic concerns throughout life.


Proper Tongue Posture:

Starting therapy early to correct tongue posture can contribute to clearer speech, better facial symmetry, and improved confidence that can open doors to positive social interactions throughout life.


Lips Sealed at Rest:

Training the lips to stay sealed at rest early in life can help to promote healthier breathing, better oral hygiene, and improved facial aesthetics for the long term.

About me

From Personal Journey to Professional Mission: Meet Tricia Burt

I’m Tricia Burt, a dedicated dental hygienist with 18 years of experience, and a passionate orofacial myofunctional therapist. My personal journey into myofunctional therapy began when my children were born with tongue ties, leading me beyond the realms of my hygiene school education. This ignited a passion in me, propelling me to specialize in myofunctional therapy. The transformative knowledge I gained helped my children and inspired me to share this expertise, assisting other families on their unique myofunctional journeys.

My mission is to help your family thrive. Blending my professional experience, personal journey, and specialized training, I offer an empathetic, unique perspective to each case. As your trusted guide, I understand the struggles, concerns, and triumphs tied to orofacial myofunctional disorders. Choosing Charlotte Myo means entrusting your family’s health to someone who’s walked in your shoes, and is committed to empowering you on your path towards a healthier future.

“The more I learned to help my own children, the more I felt compelled to share this valuable knowledge and support other families on their myofunctional journey, guiding them towards thriving rather than simply surviving.”
Tricia Burt

What My Patients are Saying

My sleep apnea was draining the life out of me, leaving me exhausted all the time. Then I discovered Charlotte Myo and my world changed. With their therapy, my sleep has drastically improved, giving me back the energy I thought I had lost forever. It's as if I've woken up to a whole new life.
- Kristy Uva
I can't recommend Tricia enough! She was the first healthcare professional to identify my tongue tie (as an adult) and explain how other symptoms I had experienced for so long were related. She is a wealth of knowledge, easy to talk to, and truly cares for her patients. Not only did she take the time to answer all of my questions and concerns, but she followed up with me days later with additional information pertinent to my case. If you suspect you or your loved one has a tongue tie (at any age) go see Tricia!
- Hope