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About me

From Personal Journey to Professional Mission: Meet Tricia Burt

Hello, I’m Tricia Burt, a dedicated dental hygienist with 18 years of professional experience and a passionate orofacial myofunctional therapist. My journey into the realm of myofunctional therapy and tethered oral tissues began close to home when my son was born with a tongue tie. Two years later, my daughter arrived with the same condition, and I found myself navigating a world that extended far beyond what I’d learned in hygiene school.

This personal experience ignited a passion in me. I wanted to understand more, to explore deeper, not just for my children but for every family experiencing similar challenges. So, I embarked on specialized training to become a myofunctional therapist. The knowledge I gained was transformative. It helped me assist my own children, and it drove me to want to share this information and support other families on their unique myofunctional journeys.

My mission at Charlotte Myo is to help your family thrive, not just survive. With my professional experience as a dental hygienist, personal experience as a mother, and specialized training in myofunctional therapy, I bring a unique, empathetic perspective to every case. I understand the struggles, the concerns, and the triumphs that come with orofacial myofunctional disorders. I am here to be your trusted guide, your partner, and your advocate as we journey towards a healthier future for you and your loved ones.

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The more I learned to help my own children, the more I felt compelled to share this valuable knowledge and support other families on their myofunctional journey, guiding them towards thriving rather than simply surviving.
Tricia Burt